When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~ Kahlil Gibran, from"The Prophet"

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friends Who Care? PRICELESS!

There are days when I feel as though life has gone on for everyone, and it should - of course it should. The world is turning as I slowly attempt to find my way. There are jobs to do and families to care for and responsibilities that pile up. And that's the way it needs to be - of course, it has to.

Then, there are weeks like this one - days when the weather is absolutely perfect, and the hours are filled with fun things to do and people who take a moment from their spinning worlds.

And I'm invited by a thoughtful coach to lend my voice at a volleyball clinic in my old "stomping ground", the gym filled with noisy young girls - some sporting the bright lime green Erin Potts Invitational T-shirt.

I attend a Spa day at a friend's house - my tired face and feet pampered for a couple of hours, topped with good conversation, food, woman-talk, camaraderie.

I'm asked by another, "Please, take me to Bronswood", and together we walk through the woods, communing with one another, soaking in the sights and smells of the forest - damp earthy scents. Then we continue on to Erin's resting place where the oaks that line the winding road stand tall, and the carefully tended flowers bloom abundantly - reds, pinks, purples, whites - marking the places of ones so loved, so missed.

Yesterday, three of us stack our bikes on my car with the hope we won't lose them on the Stevenson, head to the city and pedal the trail along the lakefront. And I don't do this more often because?? Really?! The sky - cloudless. The lake - SO blue. The sights - spectacular. The ride - invigorating and peaceful at the same time. The food at The Taste - so yummy. Do you know how pretty Chicago is? I think I forgot, or maybe I just needed a different viewpoint. I have to do this more often. Next time I need to bring the camera.

AND, the other evening, out of the blue, there's a knock on the door. Before me stands this awesome guy, with compassionate eyes and a warm smile, holding a plate covered with yummy, fattening, decadent, chocolate-peanut butter treats, and he says ~ she made a little something for you ~ and the gorgeous plate is part of the gift!

There's a card, and fortunately I read it after he leaves, because the words cause me to sniffle, then puddle. I quickly find Keenan - my kleenex supply is low.

"...it is hard to even wrap one's head around everything that Erin, you and your entire family have been through..."

"...the insurmountable loss that you have endured..."

"...hope that it helps you to know...I think about you and Erin often and pray that you and your family are doing okay..."

To be prayed for, to have one beautifully articulate the thoughts that swirl in her head about the unimaginable path our lives are on...

The very next day, I open an envelope that arrives in the mail.

It's from the friend who lives way too far away -
the one who always manages to throw a lifeline of love across the so many miles that physically separate us.

It's typically a simple phrase,
usually accompanied by beautiful, meaningful images.

This - a bookmark.
(stunning design found here)
The card with it reads,
"I hope you will think of all the love coming your way whenever you see it."

How could I not?!

Today - breakfast with another friend, followed by a trip to The Hidden Gardens. Oh Lord, this place. Don't tell anyone, but I think I've become a plant-whore. I can't resist the temptation - finding there's always room in my BED of flowers for one more!

Such a good week...
Friends who think about you and spend time with you, tell you that they care, now - six months later?



  1. Did you say, peanut butter chocolate treats?!?!? That is decadant by definition!! And that is a sign of LOVE!!! Do you believe in sharing!?!?

  2. Indeed. You are blessed with such friends, who often seem to me to be the very loving hands of God. You deserve such priceless love and care.