When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~ Kahlil Gibran, from"The Prophet"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my kidney is just down the hall

such a strange concept!
jim and i are both fine
he spent the first night in icu as a precautionary measure
last night they moved him onto the transplant floor just down the hall from me
i walked with dave down the LONG hallway (it only seems long) last night to see him for the first time since surgery
we both looked awesome in our hospital gowns with our butts hanging out, white support stockings, dragging IV poles and with serious cases of bed hair - stunning

it was quite the reunion - big hugs!
it's so strange to know my kidney is inside him - i have one and he has three
whoa - crazy and miraculous!
mine is humming away in him
all is well

thank you for all the prayers and good wishes
hang with us and keep praying


  1. amazing. miraculous. fabulous. inspiring.

    i am in awe.


  2. Thanks be to God! So glad for all! A Happy and Blessed Easter to the Potts and extended families.

  3. So happy for both you and Jim....glad to see you didn't need THAT kidney to blog :)
    Talk to you soon

  4. Wish we could have captured that pic of you two exchanging a hug last night. Great to see you guys and visit.

  5. Congrats and well done!!! Hugs to you both and continued prayers for speedy recoveries :)

  6. I echo what everyone said above, and send love to you!

  7. So glad everything went so well, Mary. Keeping up the prayers for you and your brother. Be well!

  8. Mare, It is so wonderful to hear that the surgery was a success and that Jim is already "reaping the benefits". Amazing, selfless, generous, fabulous (the list of adjectives goes on and on).

    I'm sure Erin is looking down and saying "Way to go Mom...very "cool" what you did for Uncle Jim".

    I know it's just how things worked out, but isn't it interesting that your gift,to your brother, came just 5 days before Easter? Easter which is a time for rebirth, renewals, fresh starts, etc. Hmmmm...

    I pray that both you and Jim are home for Easter.

    Love you,

  9. Colleen, I think a picture of us last night "in all our glory" would have scared folks away! I must say it was a wonderful, teary hug though.
    So good to see you both too, and so glad Keenan could spend time with you guys.

  10. So happy to hear all is well. Come home soon dear friend!

  11. You are an amazing woman! Glad that you are both doing well:)

  12. Very good news. I hope you both heal quickly and enjoy a nice Easter weekend!


  13. Your resilience and ability to continue to give are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing so the rest of us can continue to reach high following your example.