When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~ Kahlil Gibran, from"The Prophet"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 2010

It's August 1st, and I just flipped the page on my wall calendar. I've been buying "Art of the Bistro" calendars featuring the work of Jennifer Garant for years. Erin and I both got a kick out of the entertaining images of the chefs, whose enjoyment of samples of their own delicacies is apparent. I bought my 2010 version last fall out of habit, pulled it from the drawer and hung it up sometime in January (I think), and have just been flipping to the next month when I'm supposed to. I don't remember ever looking through all the artwork for the year, with my mind very much on other things.

I received the email below from a friend ~ dated December 2, 2009. We were still at the hospital after that awful Black Friday, and making the necessary preparations to bring Erin HOME. I was so moved by her words ~ they are so ERIN ~ and I know I shared them at one time through one of my mass emails. Because of today's calendar picture, I must share them again.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this.
The chef is even holding a bouquet of SUNFLOWERS!

"Going down this cancer road with an adult who is close to you is awful. Many of us have done it. With an adult you get to take a bus down that road. It can be filled with lots of accomplishments, friends, relatives, memories and humorous stories. There's room to change seats, room for coolers and pillows, sometimes even a bathroom to ease a long ride.

When you go down the cancer road with your child, you get to take a stroller or buggy when they are very small and have no understanding of where they are headed.

I see Erin on a motorcycle with a sidecar on this road. She can drive and make decisions as she has done. She can see what's immediately in front of her and choose her direction. She has looked great and is really cool. You and Dave and Chris and Sarah and Matt (even the dog) are in the sidecar, along for the ride that you have no control over. You have helped with directions. You've brought the jacket, the extra clothes, the volleyball equipment, food and water, everything you could think of that Erin might need. Gas is running low now. Erin is tired and you may have to drive.

Remind Erin of everything she's seen and done, of the repairs she's dealt with and of the funny characters who've crossed her path. Tell her that all the people who watched her drive by have been affected by her. They may not have run alongside her or kept up with her, but they will never forget knowing her. Tell Erin that many more will hear about her journey and be moved to act and smooth that path for future riders. You are all on a terrible stretch of road right now, but it is banked by so much love and so many prayers from so many caring people."

Oh good Lord.
Again, I think not.
Yes, I will be framing this print.


  1. Coincidence??? There aren't any...the happiest flower giving the most warmth and bang for your buck is the sunflower!

  2. "How does this stuff happen?
    Again, I think not."

    I agree... such little "coincidences" are the glimmers of clarity, the tiny bits we are blessed with, that leave us just *knowing* that we are so connected on so many levels.