When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~ Kahlil Gibran, from"The Prophet"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sarah and Some Volleyball Memories

Dave and I were in Milwaukee over the weekend visiting Sarah, which naturally prompted a stroll down memory lane into the land of volleyball. The reason Sarah lives in Milwaukee is because she attended college there and then never came home! She has become a Packer fan and a Brewer fan - Geez!

This post includes a random sample of pictures and I'm hoping some of her former teammates might enjoy seeing them. I certainly had a great time looking through dozens of photos of eleven years of volleyball!

Sarah was the first volleyball player in our family (actually I was, but we won't go there yet!), beginning her career in 6th grade at St. Cletus. I coached this very successful team throughout 6th, 7th and 8th grades. This photo was taken after our victory in the Hodgkins Tournament in 1996, Sarah's 8th grade year.

She attended Lyons Township and was a four-year starter on the varsity team as an outside hitter, setting the school's kill record, an accomplishment that still stands in the IHSA statistic books. Unfortunately, the team never made the trip downstate.

Meghan and Sarah began playing together in 6th grade and continued as teammates through their senior year in high school, playing during both the school and club seasons. Hours of time together on the court made them an intimidating duo. Sensing one another's moves, they developed into an incredibly dynamic force against opponents.

Pass to Keck. Set to Potts. LOOK OUT!

Sarah's club team qualified for Junior Olympic Nationals every year, and we traveled to the tournament's host city each June.
Remember the long red spandex and baggy shirts? WOW, what a look!

The volleyball schedule typically dictated our summer vacation destination, with trips to Minneapolis, Tampa, San Jose, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans...Looking back on those years, I see them as some of our happiest.

This photo was taken in Dallas, the year her Lions 16s Team won third place at Nationals, and Sarah was selected to the all-tournament team.

By working incredibly hard throughout high school, she earned a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she played all four years, with the exception of several very frustrating weeks of her senior year when she was sidelined with a herniated disk.

We are so very proud of all of her accomplishments, with her love of the sport so obvious when she set foot on the court, as she played with drive, skill and purpose. She possessed one gun-of-an-arm! It was Sarah's ability and early success that really got all of us hooked on the sport.

Sarah was Erin's idol, and Erin aspired to follow in her foot steps. Through the years, people often asked me who the better player was, and I absolutely bristled each time I was asked that question! Each of the girls was gifted with natural ability and incomparable qualities that made them unique players. Sarah was a hitter. Erin was a setter. Both were passionate, hard-working and very competitive, dedicated TEAM players.

This photo of Erin was taken when she was nine years old at one of Sarah's freshman matches at UWM. Each year, during pre-season, the coach hosted a party during which introductions were made to break the ice and get to know all the new players and families. When it was Erin's turn, she said, "I'm Erin Potts, Sarah's sister. I'm going to be better than Sarah! I'm going to play for UWM too."
The coach accepted her verbal commitment!

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  1. And Minneapolis! Don't forget all of the trips to Minneapolis for Volleyball! Jim