When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~ Kahlil Gibran, from"The Prophet"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My email account was hacked into last night.  Perhaps some of you received a message from me with the innocent subject line "Hi".  Upon opening it you were told I was in Spain, I lost my baggage and passport, and I needed money.

I am not in Spain.  My baggage is in the closet.  I don't have a passport.

I don't need money.  I need all the emails that were wiped out.

Everyone in my contact list - gone.
Every email in my inbox, drafts, sent, spam, trash - gone.
All my precious emails from dear friends who wrote such beautiful words while Erin was sick and after she died - gone.
All of my emails from Erin - gone.
All of the IM's Erin and I shared and I'd saved - gone.

I simply don't understand how anyone could do something like this.

I spent HOURS trying to get a real live person on the phone to help me.  I was finally told nothing could be done.

I can't receive any emails, so if anyone has tried to contact me, it hasn't come through.  I'll have to create a new email account.  I don't even know anyone's email address.

Life is way too hard.


  1. Oh, Mary. I noticed that you'd been hacked, but hadn't stopped to think what the consequences might be. I am SO sorry.

  2. thinking of you, mary. life IS way too hard, especially, it seems, on you. sending love.


  3. Mary I'm so sorry. That is beyond awful! Thinking of you, always.

  4. Take your hard drive to an expert. They may be able to restore some data...perhaps not, but it's worth a try. I am so sorry!!

  5. I'm so sorry about this! I hope that Anonymous is right. Have you ever backed up your computer to an external hard drive, or do you have any zip drives that might contain some of your files? Do you know a tech expert? We have a great guy out here, if all else fails. If you post your new email address (in some form, even encrypted) on all of your blog friends' comment pages when you have it set up, we can send ours to you. I hope something works out!

  6. That is just plain crummy....recreating these memorable emails impossible? Not a computer geek, but it may be worth a try. Bottom line-all about LOVE. From Erin and from all of us.

  7. so sorry... there are far too many worthless people in this world, wish they could be "gone".

  8. pure evil. and totally unfair and wretched and awful.

    i hope some of the ideas posted here in the comments create some MAGICAL restoration.

    sending you love and hope, potts.


  9. Mary, I am so sorry... talk about being kicked when already down...so cruel. love and prayers, Irene O'